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Hi! I'm Donna Karlin, Founder of the School of Shadow Coaching®.  I realised a long time ago that we had to be able to give clients what they really needed — to find a way to partner with them so we could see all of who they are, not only what they shared in tidbits and in certain situations.

I knew I had to create something powerful that would enable me to go deeper with my clients in a safe environment and help them get beyond their deepest fear, remove roadbloacks to their success and discover their hidden potential to create transformational, sustainable change.

Once the word got out that I was working in this unique way, people were clamouring for me to work with them, from leaders in government and corporations, to first responders and NGOs.

In 2004, at a conference, a colleague of mine woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me, "You have to teach this!  You have to start a school for Shadow Coaching®. People want to learn from you!", and she wouldn't let me go back to sleep until I registered the school. So the School of Shadow Coaching® was founded and the rest, as they say, is history! This is a model I've used and honed for the last 36+ years.

Now we're taking the training back on the road and can't wait to welcome new, seasoned practitioners into the program!

Donna Karlin talking about Shadow Coaching®

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Donna discusses her unique Shadow Coaching® Methodology

This cutting-edge training is ideal for those coaches who are interested in moving from formulaic and procedural methods to being able to focus on their client's specific situation, need, 'Shadows' and opportunities and provide them with a unique and personalised service. You will develop your capability to engage in "real time", deep, and reflective, observational, shadow coaching.

In this intensive training, you will master the most powerful and effective coaching skills, ask provocative and illuminating questions to identify and break through the limitations of the shadow and help clients (and you, as coaches) shift from a limited to a limitless world.

This is transformational coaching. We will explore the power of the shadow in coaching, how it manifests, how we coach clients to view it, process it, and use it to fuel conscious choice and movement. This is not therapy. We work with clients to become reflective practitioners, to move beyond roadblocks their shadows create and become aware of the "gold", the gifts that emerge as clients become more of who they are as you coach them into their mastery and a life they love.

In an increasingly complex world, many of the current practices of leadership do not equip people to deal with neither their biggest risks or their deepest aspirations. Leaders currently must deal with the intensification of systemic complexity from economic and political realities. They need to be able to respond adaptively to the depth, scope and pace of change that, combined with this complexity, creates unprecedented challenging conditions.

When times are tough, clients have to make tough choices. One of those choices is how they choose their coach, or whether they choose to work with a coach at all. Tough economic times brings a world of impatient people. Clients want to hone their skills, become amazing at what they do so they stand out from the crowd and make sure they stay up there. Do you have the coaching skills in your toolbox to help them get there fast and make those changes stick?

What do clients want?

They want change now.

They want it fast and sustainable.

They want to bridge gaps between where they are and where they want to be and learn how to do that.

They want coaching in real time where they can process things on the fly and have a witness to whatever unfolds.

They want a 'partner in crime', a thought partner... someone to dance with in real time.

They want to maximize what's working especially during a time of cutbacks.

What do coaches want who take my program?

They want to be able to go deeper with their clients.

They want to learn a more powerful language for their coaching.

They want to be able to hit the floor running with what they've learned and use it immediately.

They want to coach on the truth of situations, not on clients' perceptions.

They want to be able to keep up to the hectic pace of their clients' worlds and address situations now not later.

And bottom line, they want to raise the bar on the value they give!

What participants have to say about the training

Don't listen to us; listen to them!

Paula T Saboia

PCC/ICF. Adigo Lumo, São Paulo, Brasil

The Shadow Coaching course mirrors Donna Karlin’s authenticity and provocative style which brought new questions to my own coaching practice.

Raffaella Iaselli

Brief Business Life Coach Accreditata ICF, Milan, Italy

I found the Shadow Coaching course in Milan enlightening both from the human side as well as for its very high professionalism! We experienced her mastery in inspiring people towards an ethical shift very powerful at a systemic level as well. Thank you Donna!!  

Darryl Cross

Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Family Advisor, Presenter, Psychologist - Adelaide, Australia

How do you describe someone who is totally distinctive, a pioneer and at the frontier in the field of coaching. Not only does Donna have a unique style in relation to shadow coaching, but her ability to cut through and do so in such gracious way is simply amazing as well as inspiring. Donna has been on a number of trips now to the Land of Oz and we are thrilled whenever she comes. We can't get enough of her. There is no doubt that Donna is a stand-out in the field of coaching so if you get the opportunity to either hear her, or attend any of her workshops and presentations, it is simply a must. She is one "out of the box" as they say.

Tracy Combe

True Achievement Coaching - Adelaide, Australia

From the minute Donna started presenting I knew I was in for a real learning experience. Her method of teaching is excellent and the material is very educational. I found the entire 'Shadow Coaching' technique very valuable and effective and am inspired to use it within my practice. I am a person who values efficiency and this method does just that, being powerful and to the point. Thank you for enhancing my skills Donna.

Kathryn McEwen

Organisational Psychologist. Adelaide, Australia

Donna’s workshop is one of the best I have done in more than 25 years of workplace coaching. Learning how to focus in on the core issues in real time is practical, powerful and a refreshing complement to traditional longer sessions.  What’s more it’s ideal for the busy executives and professionals I work with who want ‘just in time’ partnering on the challenges they are facing at that moment.  I’ve taken Donna’s advice of ‘diving in with both feet’ and am finding the tools immediately useful in a wide variety of work settings.  Not sure if I will ever replicate her unique blend of  humility, respect, creativity and directness, but I’m giving it a very good try.  Australians, get ready for shadow coaching.

Marcia Dorfman

One on One Coaching Inc Kingston, ON MSOD, CPCC, PCC

I have just spent three, mind-expanding, heart-opening days in Donna Karlin’s School of Shadow Coaching. Donna teaches, and demonstrates no-nonsense, straight to the heart-of-the-matter coaching on what you and your clients need to know to move forward to the destination of your choice. She listens deeply, intently, with immense curiosity and caring, literally on the edge of her seat, leaning forward, to absorb every nuance in her client’s or student’s speech, body language, and spirit. Donna is witty, wise, bold, brilliant... and fun! She is also joyous in the sharing of her skills. If I have absorbed one-tenth of what she offers in her being, and the coaching language and techniques she teaches, I will be beyond grateful.

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